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Committee Meeting April 20, 2016

Sam talked about project planning so that we can do a better job of planning our next project. He also thanked everyone for making the corner project (at 15th & Brazos) and the booth at the San Jacinto Festival a success.

Judy is the project leader for the murals project. She will notify everyone about the date of the first meeting about murals.

Beginning at the next meeting Sam will record the meeting and post the recording to the web site instead of trying to remember everything that happened.

We voted to buy all our plants in the future from Wells because if we give them enough lead time they can get or grow the exact plants we need in the exact quantity. They will probably also give us a discounted price.

Our next project is replanting the downtown window boxes & planters.

Committee Meeting April 6, 2016

Planning is complete for the San Jacinto Festival booth. It will be awesome!

Sam met with Flem to see if he would trim the grand old Live Oak behind the flower shop. He said that he would and he would give us a good price.

Susan Van Loon of Varner-Hogg met with us asking for help with their gardens.

We will make the rounds with other organizations in town such as the Study Club and Masons again for donations.

Committee Meeting March 16, 2016

We continued to plan for our booth at the San Jacinto Festival on April 16 to solicit new members & donations.

We decided that Sandy will select a vivid color of Periwinkle plus two varieties of Sweet Potato Vine -- the chartreuse one and the variegated one.

We discovered that we cannot use weed killer at the window box #1 site and are planning alternatives so we can plant Lantana at that location.

Reconciliation of our account balance is awaiting a General Ledger report from the City.

Post cards have been created. Coloring books are in progress.

Committee Meeting March 2, 2016

We had a very good meeting today with a new member, Patsy Jones.

Tempe showed us a cool coloring book that she's working on. We decided to have it printed by the City to hold down costs. Carla said she has a binding device we can use for it.

Tempe created and ordered post cards.

The murals presentation by Dianna Hodges will be on April 13, 10-12 at the library. The name we chose for the committee working on murals is Arts in Bloom.

We discussed the possibility of elevating the downtown planters that are on the sidewalk.

Committee Meeting February 17, 2016

We had a lively meeting. It was mostly about the possibility of murals and other decorative art around town. Due to this topic Judy Tomlinson, President of the Garden Club, and Debbie Sutherland, City Manager, were present. We decided to create a new organization called Art in Bloom because this project is somewhat beyond the scope of Columbia Blooms and it will require a lot of planning. We we will meet again after the Vision Lampasas representative has made her presentation. We will meet on alternate Wednesdays from Columbia Bloom.

Committee Meeting February 3, 2016

We voted to reimburse Sam for the purchase of a water hose last summer for the Discovery Garden as well as printing of 50 more brochures and $45 for a booth at the San Jacinto Festival for recruiting new members.

Sam will contact the Methodist Church about meeting with the scouts to help with watering this summer, building trash cans, & other projects.

We talked about the possibility of some kind of contest and solicitation of pictures of homes & businesses in the area that are nicely landscaped.

Committee Meeting January 6, 2016

Two of our members were absent, but we had a good meeting.

Sam will make a Certificate of Appreciation for David Linder for the landscaping at the new County Building and a duplicate of the one for the Fire Station.

We voted to enter the AIB competition every other year. There is a lot of work to do with their latest recommendations and we currently do not have the money to enter.

Everything seems to be falling in place for the Breakfast on Feb. 11. Sam & Gary will distribute flyers soon.

The Garden Show project has been temporarily put on hold.

Committee Meeting December 2, 2015

It was decided that we will not meet again until the first Wednesday of January.

Laurie provided corrections to the brochure. Once I make updates I'll have 50 printed.

Sam showed a video excerpt from the America in Bloom Symposium where one of our judges, Linda Cromer, talked about trees.

We will receive an anonymous donation of Pansies to replant our Downtown planters.


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