Good Morning,This has been a tough week for our downtown plants because the water wagon has not been working. That caused the plants to go without water longer than usual. Hopefully it will be repaired today. We need to come up with a backup plan in
Good Morning,I am working on this newsletter format. Some of the links do not work. I had hoped to fix it over the weekend, but had to completely rebuild the copy of that is on my home computer. Hopefully, I'll get the newsletter l
Good Morning,Our next meeting is this Wednesday, August 5, at First Baptist Church at 10:30. If you cannot attend please participate by emailing me with your ideas for how we can make our little town even more beautiful.Did you know that working with
Good Morning,Our next meeting will be Wednesday, August 5, at 10:30 at First Baptist Church. Enter the double glass doors to the left of the sanctuary. Walk to the brick wall. The room is on the left. A preliminary agenda is attached. If you have cha
Good Morning,I watered the downtown plants on Monday and will do so again today. While watering I had a brief visit with Mike Bendit of CM3 Auto. He said he's polishing up his business with a new sign on the way and plants underneath. I encouraged hi
Good Morning,"Embrace the wonderment and beauty associated with landscape beautification." is what Dr. Charlie Hall, President of America in Bloom and Horticulture Professor at Texas A&M said in a recent email. That's lovely isn't it? I encourage
Good Morning,Hot and dry. Well, it is July. It is very important that your prized plants are watered regularly. It allowed to dry too much death will ensue. We are watering our downtown plants every other day. Help with watering is always welcome.I f
Good Morning,We have a new member. Her name is Theresa Smith. She approached me when I was watering the plants in front of Smokin' R the other day. She cannot attend our meetings because of work, but she volunteered to water EVERY Thursday. She does
Good Morning,Our next meeting is Wednesday, July 15, at First Baptist Church. Walk through the double glass doors to the left of the sanctuary (on the south side) and go to a brick wall. The room will be on your left.I know I always ask for volunteer
Good Morning,A volunteer and I refreshed planters and window boxes downtown on Monday with some new plants, soil, and mulch. All of the planters and window boxes on the south side of Brazos have been refreshed.Gary took a weed eater to the sidewalk a