Good Morning,We meet tomorrow morning at 10:30 at the library.Volunteers are needed for maintenance of the Discovery Garden in First Capitol Park. We will be weeding and spreading mulch on Saturday, September 19th at 10 AM. Please come out to enjoy t
Good Morning,Our next meeting is this Wednesday at 10:30 at the library. If you cannot attend please click Projects on our web site,, and see what we're up to. If you have an idea about how to get something done or have a new p
Good Afternoon,Our next meeting will be Wednesday at the library at 10:30. At the meeting I will be showing a short video on crowd funding. If you've had experience with crowd funding please email me.Here's today's recipe:Grape Salad
Good Morning,Happy Labor Day! Today would be a great time to enjoy nature in our parks. In First Capitol Park the Discovery Garden has beautiful Firebush, Plumbago, and Texas Star Hibiscus in full bloom.Beginning today we have a new feature--recipes
Good Morning,The Columbia Blooms Committee met yesterday at the library. The minutes will be posted to our web site soon.One of the ideas we are pursuing is to print post cards and calendars to be sold by local merchants as a fundraising activity. If
Good Morning,Our next meeting is this Wednesday at 10:30 at the library.The Plant of the Day is Asclepias curassavica. Common names are Mexican Butterfly Weed, Blood Flower, Indian Root, and Swallow-wort. It is native to South America. It attracts Mo
Good Morning,I hope that you have not suffered a power failure this morning. It didn't last long, but I was in the middle of composing this email and had to start over.The weather has been nice, hasn't it? This is a wonderful opportunity to g
Good Morning,If you are a stay-at-home parent and suddenly have free time since school has started, getting out into nature and enjoying the Discovery Garden at First Capitol Park or a visit to our little downtown area with beautiful plants may just
Good Morning,According to the Weather Underground weather station in Gayle Estates we've received about 1.5 inches of rain. This will cause the grass to green up, wildflowers to appear, and wilted leaves on other plants to recover.Civic engagemen
Good Afternoon,Yea! We finally got rain ... perhaps an inch?This is just a quick email to ask if you are going to the American in Bloom Symposium and Awards Ceremony September 24-26. If you register before Sept. 4 you get a discount. As of now I know