Good Morning, I have not received any suggestions for a narrator for our promotional video. There are about fifty people on this mailing list surely someone knows of one who is willing to help. Without this video we cannot solve our financial
Good Afternoon, Wasn't the weather nice yesterday? I took advantage of it by walking to the Discovery Garden. On my way to the Discovery Garden I found a visitor at Capitol of Texas Park. I helped him find all our historical sites. I weeded th
Good Morning, I apologize for the miss-communication last week about our meeting. I've been under the weather. Our next meeting will be November 4 at 10:30 at the library. I'm hoping we see the sun today. I'm tha
Good Afternoon, Updates will be made to soon. They include a fix to the problem of navigating to the next month in the calendar where it sometimes would skip a month. Also the About link has been updated to include minutes o
Good Morning, Here is a wonderful quote from The Cut Flower Quarterly, Vol. 27, Number 2, Spring 2015, p. 23 about the value of horticulture. “Horticulture is invaluable. You can’t put a price on horticulture. It is everything we eat. It i
Good Morning, We had a good committee meeting on Wednesday. I have posted the minutes to the web site. See the home page. If you find errors please email me. Hasn't the weather been nice? If you've not had a chance to get out in it please
Good Afternoon, A volunteer and cleaned up and planted the planters in front of the Fire Station. If you've not stopped by to see them today would be a good day. I've received several compliments on the project.
Good Morning, The long-awaited America in Bloom report has arrived. I've posted it to the web site. Click America in Bloom on the menu. I analyzed some of the data. My observations are included. You can download the complete report. At our next meet
Good Morning,Thank you to Gary for weed eating the area near the law office. It looks a lot better.I'm getting excited. A week from today we will receive the America in Bloom judges' report and beginning Thursday evening at 6:30 the America i
Good Morning,Did you know that plants are used to clean up oil spills and other hazardous waste? It is a process called phytoremediation – a technique that uses plants to extract heavy metals and chemicals from soil without having to remove con