Good Morning, I had a truly transcendent experience yesterday as I walked in the beautiful weather to the Discovery Garden and worked in the Garden. I listened to Il Divo on my iPod while walking and got goose bumps! It looks like the weather
Good Morning, I'm so glad to see the sun again after the last several days of gloomy, overcast weather. I'm looking forward to getting outside later today to enjoy the sunshine. IMPORTANT NOTICE: We decided to NOT meet again until the firs
Good Morning, Another day of gloomy weather. I think I've forgotten what the sun looks like! Kudos to Sweeny for providing Monarch Butterfly habitats. See for more information. I need a volunteer to help me f
Good Morning, I have fixed some of the video links on our web site,, relating to America in Bloom. I utilized Vimeo. Their free accounts have a weekly upload limit. I will fix the rest of the video links
Good Morning, A cold start to the day, but it is sunny. A good time to get outside and enjoy nature. Here's an article about the benefits of walking in nature. The links in the America in Bloom section of the web site are not working. I am
Good Morning, We will resume replanting our downtown project today at 3 PM and tomorrow at 8 AM. Please join us. It will be a lot of fun and a wonderful way to enjoy the weather. I recently discovered this site that lists plants that shoul
Good Morning, Our next meeting is this Wednesday at 10:30 at the library. I will be showing the America in Bloom video about Urban Forestry. We will work on the breakfast and the Garden Show projects among other things. I figured out how t
Good Morning, We have a busy weekend ahead with the following events. Meet Your Ancestors Friday, Nov. 13 5:30 - 7:30 pm at the Old Columbia Historical Cemetery at E. Jackson and S. 16th. Ghosts Along the Brazos, East Columbia, S
Good Morning, The hosting service for our web site upgraded yesterday and our site is down as a result. I'm working with their support people to fix the problem. Once it is fixed the automated reminder emails for watering will work and you wil
Good Morning,. We had a productive Committee Meeting yesterday. The minutes have been posted to the home page of our web site, If you have corrections or comments about the minutes please email me. Kudos to Barta's for