Of the new plants in the Discovery Garden Shasta Daisy, Bulbine, and Snowflakes are doing very well with Shasta Daisy showing signs of rooting and the others blooming already! Signs of spring: I noticed fruit trees blooming around town. I love
We had a wonderful Appreciation Breakfast Thursday morning to thank our downtown merchants for helping us with our downtown plantings. We also invited our "uptown" businesses (S. 17th Street). One of the things we learned was that we need to be mo
I recently read an article about cultivars of native plants. It contends that while often prettier than the natives the cultivars can confuse insects due to changes in blossom size. Additionally, some cultivars are sterile which deprives wildlife
Minutes from Wednesday's planning meeting have been posted at Click Resources then Committee Meeting Minutes. Please reply to this email if you find errors. Following are excerpts from an email I received recently from one
Welcome to February! Our average last frost date is February 20. It won't be long until spring! In the meantime, the spring-like days we've had in January were very nice. After days of struggling with applying maintenance and new functionality
Our next planning meeting is February 3 at 10:30 at the library. Today's spotlight is on trees. Did you wonder which trees are recommended for our area? Check out our web site, Click FAQ. There you will see trees recommende
I will be highlighting the web site in the next few newsletters. If you've not yet visited, please click here Do you want to know why we did not plant Petunias in our downtown project or what trees we recommend? Click FAQ
The minutes of yesterday's meeting have been posted to Click About/Committee Meeting Minutes. It is likely that I made errors. Please email me when you find them. I have been unable to show videos and PowerPoints
  Our next planning meeting is Wednesday, Jan. 20, at 10:30 at the library. We will finalize plans for the Appreciation Breakfast and plan for the March 5 Garden Show among other things. If you cannot attend please email me you
Our next meeting is Wednesday, Jan. 20, at 10:30 at the library. I was pleased to give a tour of the Discovery Garden Monday afternoon to the Garden Club. There's not much to see right now. Most of the plants are dormant u