March 9, 2016 Newsletter

The forecast calls for several inches of rain, but so far we've not received that much. Stay safe because it's not over yet. The rain we got so far will be beneficial to gardeners and local farmers. Hopefully it will not flood.

Did you know that you can learn all about America in Bloom and the award we received last year on our web site (Click American in Bloom.) Much more information can be found on our web site. Please take a look.

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The Plant of the Day is Crocosmia x Curtonus. The common name is Crocosmia, Coppertips or Falling Stars. It is native to South Africa. It grows from underground corms like Gladiolus. The foliage is also similar to Gladiolus. The flowers are unusual and bright red on tall stalks. They make good cut flowers. Crocosmia likes full sun and will tolerate drought, heat, and humidity. Crocosmia attracts hummingbirds & butterflies. This is a new addition to the Discovery Garden.