March 7, 2016 Newsletter

We are planning an awesome booth at the San Jacinto Festival on April 16. Please plan on stopping by.

The City delivered mulch to the Discovery Garden. I've been hand carrying from the nearby pile and spreading it in the garden. It will not be enough to cover the garden. There is another pile in the parking lot that I hope can be moved to the garden. Although I was not as productive as usual due to a hurt knee I weeded yesterday and will do so again today. About 80% of the outer ring is weeded. About 40% of the inner circle is weeded. Please feel free to stop by & pull some weeds! Firebush is budding out well. Salvia is coming along as is Vitex. I believe I even saw leaf buds on Texas Star Hibiscus. Shasta Daisy & Phlox have taken root as have the Shrimp Plants.

Have you seen our little downtown area lately? The Chamber of Commerce office has new plants and across the street the Carta Valley Market has an old pickup with flowers. I hope to have pictures on our web site soon.

The plant of the day is Scaevola aemula. The common name is Fan Flower. It tolerates drought and likes full sun or partial shade. It is native to Australia. It does not like to stand in water. It is a plant we should try in hanging baskets and window boxes. Several cultivars are available.