March 14, 2016 Newsletter

Benefits of plants: Plants offer more than just their outward appearance. They clean the air, boost our mood, and reduce stress. They are indispensable to healthy living. Please reply to this email with other benefits and please share the story of the importance of plants.

It looks like another beautiful day ahead. I hope you get outside to enjoy it.

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The Plant of the Day is Ungnadia speciosa. Common names include Mexican Buckeye, Monillo, Mona, Texas Buckeye, Spanish Buckeye, New Mexican Buckeye, False Buckeye, and Canyon Buckeye. It is a native Texas plant. It resembles Redbud. It is a small tree. It likes full sun and well-drained soils. Its seed are poisonous. It is deciduous, but the leaves turn bright yellow before they drop in the fall. It tolerates heat and is drought-tolerant. Bees produce fragrant honey from the flowers.