March 11, 2016 Newsletter

I think we received almost three inches of needed rain. Thankfully there was no flooding that I'm aware of in our area. Spring plants will really take off now.

Five of us met at window box #1 (the southwest corner of 15th and Brazos) yesterday afternoon to plant the weedy area. It was too wet to work the soil, but we managed to clean the ditch a bit so that the standing water from the concrete ditch would drain. I learned from our Master Gardener that the best thing to do in situations like this is to spray the vegetation with weed killer then apply 3" of compost followed by 3" of mulch. We will be doing this over the next few weeks. Everyone is excited about the project and we had a nice meeting at Smokin' R afterwards. I'd love to have you join in the fun. Please reply to this email with with your ideas and interests so that we can help you get involved. We are making our little town the most beautiful in the state! Don't you want to be a part this project?

Meanwhile, our booth at the San Jacinto Festival is shaping up wonderfully. Be sure to visit us. Ours will probably be the most outstanding booth you'll see. See the cool sign below that Tempe created.

The Plant of the Day is Bulbine frutescens. The common name is Bulbine. It is native to South Africa. Its flowers are yellow and orange (not on the same plant). It is one of the newest additions to the Discovery Garden. It likes sun to partial shade. It is easy to care for and began blooming even before it took root after transplanting. The leaves remind me of onion leaves.