February 26, 2016 Newsletter

Because the library will be closed next Wednesday, March 2, our next planning meeting will be in the San Jacinto Room. Thanks to Laurie for making the arrangements. I apologize for the meeting date error in the last Newsletter.

Looks we're going to have several beautiful days in a row. I hope you are able to get out and enjoy the weather. I'll be heading to the Discovery Garden tomorrow around noon to do more weeding. I hope you can join me.

Please be sure to check out our Facebook page. You will find a couple of new posts there. One is about Wind power in Texas. The other is about a "library of stuff". Type Columbia Blooms into the Facebook search box to find our page. Please remember to like & share.

The Plant of the Day is Verbena hybrida. The common name is Verbena. We tried it in our first planting of the downtown project about a year ago, but it did not do well. The reason I'm featuring it is that I noticed that it was planted in the fall in front of Farmer's Insurance. It has done well. Although it is advertised as doing well in the heat of summer it may be that planting it in the fall in our area is the best approach. Verbena likes full sun and can tolerate drought. Most Verbenas are native to the Americas and Europe.