February 22, 2016 Newsletter

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Although the weather was threatening yesterday it was nice & warm. I really enjoyed working at the Discovery Garden pulling weeds. There is still weeding to do. Please feel free to pull some yourself while enjoying the garden and First Capitol Park. Of the newly planted plants, Snowflake and Bulbine are already flowering and Shasta Daisy is taking root. I was pleasantly surprised that at least one of the Firebushes was budding as was Plumbago.

The Plant of the Day is Leucojum aestivum. The common name is Snowflake. It is one of the new plants in the Discovery Garden donated by Judy Tomlin. It is native to Europe. It is grown from bulbs and can be transplanted easily. Although it's been in the Discovery Garden only a few days it has already taken root and is blooming. It is in the Amaryllis family. It likes full sun to part shade. It has naturalized around town. Caution: All parts of the plant are poisonous.