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America in Bloom Judges' Report Recommendations 2015
Tasks for above project
Encourage homeowners to install rain barrels to capture rainwater from their roofs and gutter systems.
Establish a community-wide policy that on public property, two trees will be planted for every tree lost.
Become a Tree City
City Hall would look terrific with large planters situated out front to soften the façade.
Consider recognizing residents & businesses with nice landscaping with “We Noticed” doorhangers once or twice a month and maintain a rotating honor roll on the Columbia Blooms website.
Consider implementing a program to landscape municipal buildings as a model for developing sustainable specialty gardens.
Contest for creative containers
Create a brochure about composting
Create a recycling drop-off center
Encourage businesses to recycle more.
Environmental tourism - birding
Install a playground approved safety mat under the merry-go-round at Loggins Park.
Mural @ law office downtown
Natural areas for vacant city property
Ollas for irrigation
Place concrete pads under picnic tables & benches in parks
Plan for caring for trees in the cemetary.
Recognize these businesses with a letter of appreciation or a certificate of floral excellence that can be framed and displayed in their establishments.
Repurpose or remove maintenance building at Loggins Park
Revitalize our Uptown Area (S. 17th St.)
School recycling program
Sidewalks along S. 17th
Use city web site to encourage environmental efforts
Way finding signs should get regular maintenance
Welcome signs on all highways
Yard of the Month
Discovery Garden maintenance
Tasks for above project
Check to see if we can utilize the money left in the TNMP account to upgrade the Discovery Garden with signs & plants.
Add new mulch - free from Lake Jackson?
AIB: Consider offering an apprenticeship gardening position to help maintain this site.
Downtown demonstration project
Tasks for above project
Make signs to acknowledge people/organization that adopts a planter.
Purchase & install rain barrels.
Install water faucet at southwest corner of 15th and Brazos
Find a permanent storage space for water wagon
Keep weeds on sidewalks down
More volunteers to water
Create a contest with awards for best waterer to enlist volunteers to water.
Permanent sidewalk planters - like Chicago
Rainbarrel drip watering system
Permanent planters & irrigation