Committee Meeting March 2, 2016

We had a very good meeting today with a new member, Patsy Jones.

Tempe showed us a cool coloring book that she's working on. We decided to have it printed by the City to hold down costs. Carla said she has a binding device we can use for it.

Tempe created and ordered post cards.

The murals presentation by Dianna Hodges will be on April 13, 10-12 at the library. The name we chose for the committee working on murals is Arts in Bloom.

We discussed the possibility of elevating the downtown planters that are on the sidewalk.

We came up with some exciting ideas for our booth at the San Jacinto Festival on April 16. Sam will arrange to order another planter (using our credit) to sell at the Festival.

We plant on preparing the soil for planting Lantana at Window Box #1 for 3 PM on March 10. Sam will contact the City to see if it's OK to attach a bike to the fence at that location for decoration.

Peggy noted that Vernon Burk & Tim Clinch are interested in memorial donations.

Carla presented an idea for "Fill the Water Bucket" for fundraising that we will do in June.

Peggy said that $50 is available from Wal Mart each month. The contact is Brandon. We have to have the request on letterhead.

Our new slogan, from Tempe, is "Come Bloom With Us".