Committee Meeting February 17, 2016

We had a lively meeting. It was mostly about the possibility of murals and other decorative art around town. Due to this topic Judy Tomlinson, President of the Garden Club, and Debbie Sutherland, City Manager, were present. We decided to create a new organization called Art in Bloom because this project is somewhat beyond the scope of Columbia Blooms and it will require a lot of planning. We we will meet again after the Vision Lampasas representative has made her presentation. We will meet on alternate Wednesdays from Columbia Bloom.

We welcomed our new member, Carla Ricks. She is the owner of the Capitol Theater. She told us of her plans for the property. While a mural on the side of it would look great it seems prudent to wait until it is sold or leased. We are excited that she is going to paint it and clean up the inside.

Many of the additional items on the agenda was not discussed in depth.