Committee Meetings

Committee Meeting May 27, 2015

Members present: Tempe, Peggy, Laurie, Debbie, Sam


Financial situation very good. Approximately $1080 balance.


Watering schedule -


Tempe on 6th day of every month.

Sam on 10th day of every month.

Debbie & Laurie the south side of Brazos on the 30th of each month.

Peggy on the 2nd day of every month.


Sam will contact Lisa Worthington at FBC for more volunteers. Perry will contact Masons for more volunteers.


Committee Meeting April 1, 2015

Members present: Sandy, Laurie, Debbie, Gary, Tempe, Peggy, Callie, Sam


Debbie supplied a current financial report.


Sandy proposed that we paint City Hall & the library buildings. Tempe, Peggy, & Tommy will come up with colors. The date of the painting has not been set.


Sam enumerated the downtown businesses that are participating in our downtown window box demonstration project.


Committee Meeting March 18, 2015

Members present: Tommy Jenn, Earl, Debbie, Laurie, Sandy Hurst, Bob Black, Tempe, Peggy, Gary, and Sam.


The meeting went well.


We had an interesting discussion about an oil derrick welcome sign with flowers on it. More study is needed for this project.


Our new member, Sandy Hurst, presented a wonderful PowerPoint about Gardening 101. It was very well received. We are very fortunate to have Sandy in our group.


Earl reported that Madeline's will purchase two planter boxes.


Committee Meeting February 18, 2015

New member Tempe Pell who will work on the profile as well as a logo & graphics.


Peggy, Donna, & Laurie will meet a Laurie's Thursday evening to work on profile.


Decided to table the idea of a Garden Show for now because of insufficient time to prepare.


Members present: Tempe Pell, Sam Stamport, Laurie Kincannon, Debbie Sutherland, Peggy Boone, & Gary Burkhart.


Committee Meeting February 4, 2015

The EDC approved funding for registration with AIB!


Attendees - Andy Packard (The Facts reporter), Bob Black, Callie Venable, Laurie Kincannon, Gary Burkhart, Earl Saville, Peggy Boone, Debbie Sutherland, Sam Stamport.


The Community Profile deadline is May 1. (See for all deadlines.)


Committee Meeting January 21, 2015

These are the meeting notes from our meeting on Jan. 21, 2015. I wrote them down in haste. If you find errors or omissions. Please correct them.


Members in attendance were Peggy Boone, Judy Tomlin, Gary Burkhart, Earl Saville, Laurie Kincannon, Debbie Sutherland, and Sam Stamport.


Our next meeting will be at the library on Feb. 4 at 10:30. In the meantime we'll try to do everything with this OneNote resource and email.