Committee Meetings

Committee Meeting November 4, 2015

The mayor arranged for us to meet in Council Chambers because the library was not available.

We developed a phone tree in case I get sick again and have to call off the meeting at the last minute.

Sam noted that Barta's is looking a lot better since they cleaned the algae off their building. They have plans to do even more.

Sam saved plants at the Episcopal Church when he noticed that workers were pulling them up.

Committee Meeting October 7, 2015

Sam showed video excerpts from the America in Bloom Awards Symposium. Click on the America in Bloom menu item to view them.

Gary volunteered to install drainage at the Discovery Garden.

Sam will check with City Hall to find out how much money is left in the Discovery Garden account.

Laurie & Callie are making progress with the promotional video that we will use for crowdfunding. It will have many other uses as well.

The meeting with the downtown merchants has been postponed until November.


Committee Meeting September 16, 2015

Members present: Sam, Callie, Gary, Laurie, Tempe, Peggy, Sandy

We discussed the post cards and calendar project. It was decided to proceed with post cards, but not with calendars unless we can produce them cheaply and nicely.

Sam made a presentation about crowdfunding. It was agreed that we should pursue this option as a fundraiser. We need to have a video before we can proceed. Laurie will work with Callie on the video.

Executive Committee Meeting July 7, 2015

Sandy provided information on why we did not choose Petunias for our downtown project. Petunias do no handle heat well. They are extremely thermophotoperiodic. (Their growth habit responds according to the temperature and the amount of daylight.) At temperatures above 75 degrees plants will be tall and leggy with a single flower. The only Petunias that might work are Petunia x violacea 'Laura Bush' and 'Violet in Profusion'.


Sam will contact the Fire Chief, Charlie Glisch, to see if it's OK to use their water. The City pays their water bill.


Committee Meeting July 1, 2015

Members present: Peter Conaty, Sam, Laurie, Gary, Tempe, Peggy, Naomi.


Sam reported that the calendar problem with The Facts has been resolved. They should be posting our meeting notices now.


Sam reported that free mulch is available from Lake Jackson for the Discovery Garden.


Laurie volunteered to contact Mrs. Craddock about that little building next to CM3 Auto that we could use to store the water wagon.


Committee Meeting June 10, 2015

Members present: Peggy, Laurie, Sam, Gary, Sandy.


We welcomed Sandy back to town.


We learned that we cannot store the new water wagon at the old city hall. This is a major concern. It is at Jenn's now, but that is not a permanent location. We need electricity at whatever location we choose so the battery can be recharged.


We need more volunteers to help us water.


Gary is to get an estimate of cost of rain barrels.