How to water plants in window boxes and planters downtown

Watering takes about an hour. We are asking that you commit to one day a month and that you select a day that works for you. For example, if you choose the 18th day of the month you will water on the 18th every month regardless of the day of the week.

It is very important that you contact us at last 24 hours in advance by clicking the Contact link at the top of this page if you think you will not be able to water on your designated day so that another volunteer can step in to keep the plants watered.

Our fancy, new water wagon is currently stored at Jenn's. You will have to choose a time to water when they are open or make special arrangements with Tommy Jenn in advance.

Leave the clamps on the battery terminals. The red one should be on the + side. The black one on the - side. Turn on the switch on the top of the tank. Repeat this procedure when you are finished. If the pump runs constantly fiddle with the bypass valve to get it to come on only when you are watering. If the pump does not start at all re-clamp the black and red battery clamps and check all electrical connections.

If it's very hot and dry you will probably have to fill the tank twice to water thoroughly. Water gets very heavy. You may want to fill the tank half-full. In that case you will have to make twice as many trips to the water faucet located in the left-hand planter in front of the museum.

It is impossible to water the window boxes and planters too much!

Water the soil first then fill each of the irrigators. Water the soil again to make sure it is thoroughly wet.

It should take about an hour to water all planters and window boxes.

Have fun while you're watering by enjoying the beauty of the plants and talking with passersby!