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Nash Prairie - http://www.nature.org/ourinitiatives/regions/northamerica/unitedstates/texas/placesweprotect/nash-prairie-preserve.xml. History & sites in West Columbia - http://texasescapes.com/TexasGulfCoastTowns/West-Columbia-Texas.htm.
Planning is complete for the San Jacinto Festival booth. It will be awesome! Sam met with Flem to see if he would trim the grand old Live Oak behind the flower shop. He said that he would and he would give us a good price. Susan Van Loon of Va
We continued to plan for our booth at the San Jacinto Festival on April 16 to solicit new members
Benefits of plants: Plants offer more than just their outward appearance. They clean the air, boost our mood, and reduce stress. They are indispensable to healthy living. Please reply to this email with other benefits and please share the story of
I think we received almost three inches of needed rain. Thankfully there was no flooding that I'm aware of in our area. Spring plants will really take off now. Five of us met at window box #1 (the southwest corner of 15th and Brazos) yesterday
The forecast calls for several inches of rain, but so far we've not received that much. Stay safe because it's not over yet. The rain we got so far will be beneficial to gardeners and local farmers. Hopefully it will not flood. Did you know th
We are planning an awesome booth at the San Jacinto Festival on April 16. Please plan on stopping by. The City delivered mulch to the Discovery Garden. I've been hand carrying from the nearby pile and spreading it in the garden. It will not be
We had a very productive planning meeting yesterday and a new member, Patsy Jones! To see the meeting minutes go to columbiablooms.org then click Resources/Committee Meeting Minutes. If you find errors please email me. On March 10 at 3 PM we w
We had a very good meeting today with a new member, Patsy Jones. Tempe showed us a cool coloring book that she's working on. We decided to have it printed by the City to hold down costs. Carla said she has a binding device we can use for it.